Re: New prerelease: 0.91-pre2

The Linux version of Dia-0.91-pre2 now works almost
perfectly with Simplified Chinese, except for some
input method hot kays. But the windoze port does
not work well with Simplified Chinese versions
of Windows: the menus are not in Chinese, the sizes
of characters are not correctly calculated leading
to overlapped characters, the export filters
(I have tried EPS/WMF/SVG) generate very bad-looking
results, and, most important, Chinese characters in
the EPS export do not show up correctly. I'd like to
know if this situation is going to be improved, or it
will stay as it is?


On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Steffen Macke wrote:

A new version of the windows installer (0.91-pre2) is available from

Now it is possible to customize the menu shortcuts.

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