Everything worked like the FAQ said but...

Excellent program and FAQ thnx!

I am not a programmer so pardon my ignorance. I'm using RedHat 8.0 (with Gnome & whatever defaults RH loads during istall), so far it isn't buggy, except for this.

After using .90 to create a shape,
I "exported" as ".shape"
I got a dialog for the png creation and said "OK" to that.

I saw the files in my "/dia/shapes" directory

I used the dia .90 "shapes/sheets" editor to add the shapes to my "network" sheet

After "apply"ing the change I saw the icons in my "network" sheet

I could even include them in my drawings

AFTER shutting down dia and restarting I got a warning message for each of the shapes I had created saying there were "several" of each one and only the first would be used.

I started getting nervous, thinking I had messed up somewhere. I re-read the FAQ a couple of times, downloaded the file on creating shapes/objects (doc/custom-shapes).

I didn't see anything pointing to obvious errors or fixes.

I guessed the multiple file names in the "/dia/network" directory might be the source of "multiple" items the program saw. And the .png files are not .xpm files like the rest of the shape icons.

After removing the .png files and converting them to .xpm using GIMP. I placed them in the same directory the .png & .shape files were located.

Now if I try to use the "network" sheet, dia dies with a segmentation fault.

1st - Did I mess up? If so, how can I do it the right way (even if I have to learn to program it'll be worth it).

2nd - How do I get my network sheet working again (all the other sheets work fine). Even the warning at the startup was just a hassle (click click click click). Or how can I just reset everything and not create any of my own shapes (I'd rather not use this option ;-)

I searched the Previous posts from the archives using "segmentation fault" as keywords and didn't see mention of the "Sheets" having caused th started adding shapes, and everything is fine except the sheet I put MY shapes into. So I doubt anyone has covered this before, if so I do apologize.

Again, I'm not a programmer, so try not to blow me away with your answer, this should be pretty cut and dry. A couple of files to delete, maybe changing a "Sheet" or "Shape" file right?

Any help would be appreciated dearly.

Love Life & Light,

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