Re: Dia Drawings can easily be exchanged between linux and windows [Re: Dia question]

Le Thu, Feb 13, 2003, à 11:25:36AM +0000, Alan Horkan a écrit:

Why isn't this on by default.


(I guess the reason is: because until Hans implemented that setting, dia
would use the libxml2 default setting, which is off -- but that's just a
guess maybe slanted by vague recollection of what's been said here)

See above. Also searching for 'pretty' in the ChangeLog would
have given you the above information ...

What did you use to just search the changelog?

I guess grep(1) or the "/" command of less(1)'s interactive mode can be
deemed adequate tools. Control-F in the Windows Notepad or similar might
yield good results too...

        -- Cyrille


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