Re: A3 Printing

On Sat, 8 Feb 2003, Alejandro Aguilar Sierra wrote:
Lars wrote:

On 07 Feb 2003, Jayson Henkel wrote:

I've just composed a network diagram and am attempting to print. I've
selected A3 as the page size and attempted to print to an A3 capable
printer, no luck. I always get a letter sized portion of the diagram
from the top left hand corner of the diagram.

Did you try setting the 'fit to page' option in the Page Setup dialog?

Yes I did (I tried to fit to a letter size page,and have similar problems
that Jayson, it always is printed or ps produced as A4, 91-pre1).

Ah, I see it:  We forgot to output the paper size name.  Fixed in CVS.


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