A3 Printing


I've just composed a network diagram and am attempting to print. I've
selected A3 as the page size and attempted to print to an A3 capable
printer, no luck. I always get a letter sized portion of the diagram
from the top left hand corner of the diagram. I've attempted to export
it to a ps file and print that and although gs sees the entire diagram
when I print from it it prints the same letter chunk of the diagram. I
attempted ps2pdf to see if I could print it from acroreader but that
didn't work. Lastly I tried opening the diagram from windows using dia
and printed it to A3 and it still didn't work. I was able to select A3
as the diagram size but I ended up with a larger version of my chunk on
A3 sized paper. Please help.... I've setup my hp 5000 printer as  a
generic postscript printer.


Jayson Henkel <jhenkel sterlingcrane ca>
Systems Manager
Sterling Crane

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