Re: notes on 0.91 pre, mostly win32

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Alan Horkan wrote:

i will file some of these as bugs later.
these are mostly win32 specific.

On my desktop I am running Microsoft Windows 98 with 128 MB RAM.
My display is 800x600
On my laptop I am running Microsoft Windows 98 with 256 MB RAM.
My display is 1024x768
[win32 stuff]
The font size used in Dia 0.90 was smaller, pretty close to the default
windows font size.  The font size in Dia 0.91 pre1-3 is a lot and even on
the larger of my displays this still leaves things feeling quite cramped.

Hmmm... this is the font size that Hans thought was the closest to the old

View -> Redraw.
Ideally this is not something that should be here, when the redraw code
works properly it will not be necessary.  In the short term it at
least allows the user to compensate for redraw problems, but hopefully we
can get rid of it at some stage.

It stays right up till 1.0, I suspect.

Keybindings, my bad ...
it is even more important that i get these done now that users can no
longer easily override the defaults. :(
Delete == Delete is really really important.

I finally fixed that one.  Now I'm bothered all the time by not having
delete on Ctrl-D any more:)

I thought for a minute that the Zoom keybindings had been removed but it
turns out that they were not there to begin with.  I should set them to
match the HIG and worry about internationalisation problems later.

We used to have single-key bindings for those, but they interfered with
text input.

Menu Bar
If you use the menu bar docked to the diagram window the Input Methods
menu breaks and appears empty.  seems to work okay when undocked.

That's unpleasant.  There's some magical hacking going on to make that menu
that I guess doesn't work for docked menus.

Input methods.
I would prefer if we used
View -> Character Coding ->
which would be the same as in Mozilla Composer.

No.  Input methods are a vastly different thing from character codings.
Ask any Asian person.

If i try and turn on Anti Alias, i get an error message saying that this
version of Dia was compiled without libart.  I looked at the code in
app/menu.c and there is an #ifdef HAVE_LIBART so there should not even be
a menu item there.

That error message is not entirely correct.  To do AA, we need libart for
rendering but also freetype2 for text, which we can't do on Windows right

i think i put an extra seperator at the bottom of the Objects menu
(underneath Align Vertical) by mistake.

Those were wrongly named separators in the non-Gnome menus.  Fixed.

Tools menu would look better if there was another seperator after Modify,
Magnify, Scroll.

Yeah.  Not now, though.

There are some problems with the quit behaviour i have to look at.



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