Re: DIA - Requiment Engineering sheets

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Christophe Ponsard wrote:

I would also be happy to get access to the CVS. I have been working
with the dia code for a quite a few weeks now and I think I found my way
in it.
(the good design helped me a lot). It was also a practical opportunity
to start programming with gnome.

Next weekend there is FOSDEM in Brussels, my hope was to meet some
guys of the list. However Lars told me Cyrille and I were the only ones
reasonably close and Cyrille seem very busy rigth now. Too bad, but some
guys of gnome will be there.

I am in Ireland, if i had planned to go to FOSDEM earlier i might have
been able to sort out cheap flights and somewhere to stay but I am
unemployed and disorganised.

I will definately be at GUADEC (Gnome Users and Developers European
Conference), which is conveniently in my hometown, Dublin.

Alan Horkan

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