DIA - Requiment Engineering sheets

Hi Alan,
here is the information about my contribution

I am also cc-ing the list so that everybody interested in trying and reviewing it
can  have access. In a few words, it provides support for 3 major notations used
in Requirements Engineering and which complements the UML in order to model
goals, alternative ways of doing things, agents and responsibilities.

To avoid sending an attachement, you will find my contribution
and how to install it here:

As you suggested, I also filled a tracker bug assigned to you to remind you.
I hope you'll find some time to review it and wait for your comments
(and from anyone trying the sheets)

I would also be happy to get access to the CVS. I have been working
with the dia code for a quite a few weeks now and I think I found my way in it.
(the good design helped me a lot). It was also a practical opportunity
to start programming with gnome.

Next weekend there is FOSDEM in Brussels, my hope was to meet some
guys of the list. However Lars told me Cyrille and I were the only ones
reasonably close and Cyrille seem very busy rigth now. Too bad, but some
guys of gnome will be there.


Alan Horkan a écrit:
I am having a little trouble getting organised and sorting out my access
to CVS but i would be happy to look at this, but i dont make any promises
about doing it quickly.

Please do file a tracker bug in Bugzilla.
I will get back to you about documentation.

Please do use the mailing lists, i speak a little french and german and
enough "techie" to get by.  If you are having trouble phrasing in English
feel free to write in French and inlcude a Google translation to help give
us the gist of what you are saying.

If you are interested stick around for a while and help out it wont take
long to earn CVS access.

Good luck,
but remind me regularly,
i am terribly disorganised.

I will try and get some of this done over the next few days.

Alan Horkan

PS To Lars: do we have suitable IFDEFs that i can commit new
stuff behind without interfering with your release?

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Christophe Ponsard wrote:

Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 16:06:37 +0100
From: Christophe Ponsard <cp cetic be>
To: horkana maths tcd ie
Cc: cp cetic be
Subject: [Fwd: Re: DIA - RE sheets]

Hello Alan,

I designed some sheets for software engineering notations.
I would like to see them integrated in DIA. I was send to
you after going through Cyrille and Lars who told me your
were the guy in charge of the shapes.
(see e-mail hereafter)

My code implements 3 sheets in the objects, sheets and samples directories.
The installation is just to untar a 40kb tarball and change configure.in
and some Makefile.am.

Can I submit you my code for testing and integration ?
If you want to have a quick look, a web page is available here:



    Ponsard Christophe  --   CETIC/FAUST
 Aéropole, rue Clément Ader 8, B-6041 Gosselies
 email: cp cetic be  web: http://www.cetic.be

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