Re: Looking for PDF version of the dia manual

On Sun, 2 Feb 2003 10:49:46 -0500, "James K. Lowden"
<jklowden schemamania org> wrote:
On Sat, 1 Feb 2003 18:11:09 +0200, Steffen Macke <sdteffen web de>
Could someone with a better docbook setup send
me a PDF version of the current dia manual? I would like to
include it in the win32 release. I just can't get the images to

My setup has exactly the same symptoms as Steffen's.  

Steffen told me he's using db2pdf.  My system is different: I have
openjade, jadetex, dvips, and ps2pdf. 

OK, this is clearly an SGML problem.  More specifically, a DSSSL problem.

In my catalog, dsssl/modular/print/dbparam.dsl has no default graphic
extensions defined.  And, LaTeX (my version, at any rate), can't determine
the size of a bounding box of a PNG.  

The "%graphic-default-extension%" in the dsssl file comes into play when
the SGML:

        <graphic format="png" fileref="graphics/home_network"
srccredit="Kevin Breit">

shows up.  That tells jade to seek a file called "graphics/home_network"
having one of the extensions defined by "%graphic-default-extension%".  I
have none, so jade's html and tex output both include references to
non-existent files, leading LaTeX to complain, "LaTeX Error: File
`graphics/greendots' not found" (for example).  

Trying to avoid attacking the .dsl file itself, I changed the sgml to:

        <graphic format="png" fileref="graphics/home_network.png"
srccredit="Kevin Breit">

That, unsurprisingly, produced good html, because jade didn't have to do
anything with any default graphic extension.  And the LaTeX message
changed to, "Cannot determine size of graphic in graphics/home_network.png
(no BoundingBox)".

My plan is to submit a patch here, following Norm Walsh's advice:

1.  Don't change the sgml.  Instead add default graphic extensions to my
dsssl files.  
2.  Convert the .png to .eps before running jade.  That way, jade will
find its preferred extension and LaTeX will be able to determine the
bounding box.  

If someone knows better, I'd appreciate being spared the work.  


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