Re: Multiple [named] textbox items in shape definition

On 25 Aug 2003, bahnsch access4cheap com wrote:
On Mon, 25 Aug 2003 07:09 , Lars Clausen <lrclause cs uiuc edu> sent:
 Once 0.92 is out, the next version will feature a totally
different text edit system with a separate text edit mode that would
allow for multiple editable fields in an object among other things.  I
hope you can wait that long.  I'm looking at the last patches to go into
0.92 right now, and expect to send out a pre1 maybe later this week,
maybe next week.


Thanks Lars.  Do you mean to say that the next version *after* 0.92 will
have it, or that 0.92 is this "next version" that will have it? That is,
will the 0.92-pre1 coming in the next couple weeks include the ability to
have multiple edit boxes per shape?  

Should have been more clear perhaps.  0.93 is slated to have this.

I'd like to see the new shape DTD, example shape XML files, and/or the
new "custom-shapes" document, if it's not too much trouble. I think we
can wait a little while for the functionality, but we would like to know
as soon as possible how closely it will meet our needs.

We have none such yet.  Since the DTD doesn't specify that there's only one
textbox per shape, I doubt it's going to change.  Your own multi-textbox
files would probably (hopefully) work.  The custom-shapes document will be
updated when something for it changes.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but are there open-source or inexpensive
alternatives to Dia that I should consider? I have looked at Xfig,
Sketch, and Scribus, and none of them seem to support object
"connections". I am doing ladder logic work, and inter-object connections
are required to be able to process the diagram and build the equations. I
don't mind spending some money, but we need to get away from Visio and
Microsoft's closed and bulky file format. My platform is Win2k.

Take a look at the Links page found on our homepage.  Xfig does allow
'smart links,' which is kinda the same, I just really hate the interface.


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