Re: Adding property to "line"

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 11:29:32AM -0500, Lars Clausen wrote:
This is if you want to do it by having a checkbox for the line object only.


Yes; that function would be line_draw in objects/standard/line.  Note that
arrow drawing is combined with line drawing, which complicates matters a
bit.  The line_width given to draw_line_with_arrows is used not just for
the rendering, but also to determine where to cut off the line.

It seems like any change I do doesn't affect dia's results. Even if I comment
out every single line of code in objects/standard/line.c:line_draw(), dia
works happily further :/ What am I missing? 
        Sven Vermeulen

    Save some animals, eat a vegetarian.

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