Thank you, and i hope it will be implemented at soon. And i'm sorry for
annoying you.

Dne 28. duben 2003, <dia-list gnome org> napsal:

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, Roman Krejci wrote:
Hello, i'm from Czech republic and i want to ask you, why DIA cannot save
UML diagrams in XMI format. I think that it's very good for exchange
diagrams with other tools like poseidon, popkin etc.

It's been discussed before, and the consensus is that it'd be great, but
apparently the call for it hasn't been strong enough to make anybody sit
down and implement it.  It may be easy with the XSLT plugin.  See thread

And i don't know, what version of UML DIA support (UML 2.0 ?). I read all
pages on lysator.liu.se refer to DIA, but i found nothing.

No, we only do old-fashioned UML.  UML 2.0 has been mentioned a couple
times.  Unfortunately, the core UML classes are old and crufty, and are
therefore hard to redesign.  Once we have a proper list property thing, we
should be able to move UML entirely to StdProps, and then it'd be easier to
update to UML 2.0, if so desired.  Not that I know what the differences
would be.


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