ER diagram?

First off, great job on Dia-- so far it looks and works great.

Is there a description of the ER notation that uses the symbols in the ER
sheet included with Dia? I'm not quite familiar with this notation set-- it
seems to be a conglomeration of some elements from several different notations.

For instance, if I use the crow-foot to represent cardinality, how do I
represent optionality? The notation I'm familiar with (arbitrary) would have a
crow-foot with a line or a crow-foot with a hollow circle.

Has anyone developed any ER sheets that are not included with the Dia distro?

Also, I've browsed the mailing list a bit, and it seems that many (most?)
people who are doing ER diagramming are using the UML sheet, rather than the
ER sheet. Is that because the ER shapes don't allow direct inclusion of
Attributes _in_ the Entities?

Any tips appreciated,



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