skip_taskbar skip_pager above

Hi list!

Here is the issue I had in 2.1.8 and have now in 2.1.9.

I run gkrellm and set these switches (Configuraton|General|Properties):

[x] Set sticky state
[x] Set on top of other windows of the same type
[ ] Set below other windows of  the same type
[ ] Set window type to be a dock or panel
[ ] Use window manager decorations
[x] Do not include on a taskbar
[x] Do not include on a pager

Every switch apply correctly when I set it, and then I press OK

Next time I start gkrellm it forgets to apply all these settings (so I
see gkrellm on the taskbar, it's not above other windows, etc.). 
Properties window shows correct settings as I set them last time;
~/.gkrellm2/user_config has good settings too (skip_taskbar 1,
skip_pager 1, above 1, etc.).  But I need to set them over again.

OS:       RHL 8.0
WM:       metacity 2.4.34
Desktop:  Gnome 2.2

Any idea?

Yuri Arapov <yuri arapov sctest vrn ru>

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