Re: Status report for Building Debian/Mingw packages for DIA


I was hoping that you to might help this porting effort. 

One of the reasons why I posted these modules is that I hoped that you
might take the 10 minutes and try and build them as well. (You do use
debian IIRC). There are others on this list who expressed intrested in
building and not just using DIA for windows. 

If you want to keep this discussion off the list, I wonder how you want
to get the Windows build back up and running? 

Cross posting is not good, and I will stop that. There is not any real
centralized discussion group for the types of issues we are dealing
with here.

I posted a call for some help in testing the modules that I am
compiling for DIA, remember? 

I Do hope that you will support my efforts in setting up a new binary
build of Dia from scratch, you do have users that want to use it under

--- Cyrille Chepelov <cyrille chepelov org> wrote:
Le Sun, Sep 08, 2002, à 04:02:51AM -0700, James Michael DuPont a
Dear Fellow Hackers,


please keep this list for discussion of dia stuff only. Iconv, Debian
packaging for Win32
and Introspector each belong to their respective lists, thank you.
I say that you bounced my mail, There are very few (read no) discussion
groups for the cross compiler.

The introspector is where I put the packages, or does DIa want to host
Ilibconv is a part of DIA, you know that discussion we had already.

The debian is the build platform for Dia that I am working on.

I am doing this work for DIA, to get back the native port, remember?

I was kinda hoping that someone from this list would help me test and
compile this stuff. You said that you use debian as well.

Ah, also: please cull your cross-posting lists. And don't assume that
interested in your endeavours are unable to google for your previous
Yes I will do that, fair enough, no need for more cross postings,
and most of the good help is coming from tor and the mingw32 lists.

Basically, the problem is that I am on someone uncharted territory.

Hopefully there are some people on this list (And many have written to
me privatly saying that they think I am on the right track) who might
want to help with the compiling effort.


James Michael DuPont

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