Re: noise: Freetype and Windows

At 23:34 28.10.02 +0000, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
It is currently broken (just once more: please read 'Heads up on
Pango Head') cause it uses fontconfig which appears to work on X
but IMHO needs a complete rewrite to fit into the win32 platform.

But it's only HEAD of Pango that uses fontconfig; shouldn't pangoft2
in the pango-1-0 branch still work fine? Does Dia really require GTK+
and Pango HEAD?

Pango/FT2 1.0 should work but IMHO Dia not even requires Pango/FT2 
on win32 at all. Additionally at least I don't plan to do any 
porting to use a library whiches future portability is 
questionable ...

At 21:06 28.10.02 -0600, Lars Clausen wrote:
As I understand it, Win32 Dia only requires Freetype for EPS export.
Printing is done via the native printing interface, and antialiasing via
the native font interface.  

Yupp. With my backporting of the DiaPsRenderer to use strings - not font
outlines - there even was some basic (latin-1 only) eps support again.

The 'native aliasing' requires Pango future though, i.e. a not yet
accepted patch to Pango/win32. See bug #94791.


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