Re: Feature Request

Very nice of you to offer to help, let's see...

Talk to Alan Horkan about prettying up the icons for the shapes he's
making.  That's the only graphics stuff I can think of right now.

The only existing icons i have made any effort to make as pretty as the
ones i added (my Assorted Sheet) are the MSE icons and i did a half assed
job of adding transparency to them.
While i am relectant to suggest anyone besides me try to do this (i am
ridiculously meticulous and spent the last 2 hours drawing icons pixel by
pixel) but you might consider adding transparency to just about every
icon in Dia and making the grey lines into clear black lines.
But time would be far better spent by a programmer making the exporter a
little smarter about PNG files and transparency, or geting the Dia
exporter to export to all of the raster formats supported by the Gimp or
something else.

If you have any coding ability at all there are lots of little things i
could suggest.
If you would rather make shapes and mess about with XML like i am doing
there are plenty of time consuming and or exceedingly tedious things i
could suggest.

You might also consider going through just about every shape file in Dia
and making sure that the colours are set to

There is a problem in Dia, some of the shapes created do not allow the
user to override their colours, but again a bit of programming would be a
far better way to spend your time.

Tell me more about what you are intersted in and what skills you have and
i will try and suggest less pedantic stuff that i was probably going to do
myself anyway.

You mentioned you knew about Databases so perhaps you would play around
with TediaSql.
I would love to see a simple plugin for Dia that basically gave a
graphical frontend to a glorified version of exec() so that users like me
could make use of some of the excellent add on scripts in an easy click
and drool way.

Graphics, oh yeah, i think there was some talk of having some really nice
examples to ship with Dia or put on the website.  If graphics are your
thing that would probably be a really good thing to do.

Ideas, i got lots of them.
Bugzilla is full of things you might be able to tackle.

Alan Horkan

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