Re: Status report on dia ???

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002, Torben H. Nielsen wrote:
There has been a little quiet on the dia-list lately especially has
there been far between the Changelog reports, which made me think a
little on the status of dia-cvs.

So, as a both interested and courious dia-user, would I like to know
how far the different porting projects (Pango & GObject - any others)
has come and what is missing to be completed.

GObject porting of the renderers is done, except perhaps for some Win32
stuff, which I'm not sure of.

I still have a horrible problem with the difference in font names between
gdk (X) pango and pangoft2.  I plan to either make standard X rendering use
pangoft2 or trim the font namespace to those that match.  Using pangoft2
all over requires more #hell because Win32 can't use freetype.  Trimming
the namespace is an ugly, ugly hack that's sure to break in a number of

Cyrille has done some work on inputmethods, but I haven't heard anything
from him for a while, and the input methods don't seem to be working right

Are there any plugins in beta state which needs a hand to be working
and (as good as) bugfree.

Not that I can think of offhand, but check the bug database.

Can we expect a release as an extra christmas present :) or does the
core-team continue whith the one release policy as usual ;) ????

I would like to do a christmas release, if at all possible.  Cyrille?


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