Re: problem with colours when creating shapes

On 16 Oct 2002, Ian Redfern wrote:

Date: 16 Oct 2002 16:34:29 +0100
From: Ian Redfern <RedfernI logica com>
Reply-To: dia-list gnome org
To: dia-list gnome org
Subject: Re: problem with colours when creating shapes

I had to put

stroke-width: 0;

as well as set the stroke colour to the same as the fill colour in the
attributes of the filled shape to get rid of the line.

Cyrille, Lars, Hans, i assume this is not expected behaviour so ill file a
bug later.

Thanks for the workaround Ian, hopefully i will get those directional map
shapes finished soon.

e.g. <svg:path d="M195.81 -1552.72l2.23 3.54l15.71 -10.09l-2.23
-3.59l-15.71 10.14z" style="fill: #ffffff; stroke-width: 0; stroke:

As for dashes, are you using stroke-pattern:/stroke-dashlength: or
stroke-dasharray:/stroke-dashoffset:? If I remember, Dia likes
stroke-pattern rather than the SVG standard stroke-dasharray.

I was not hacking the XML or anything, i was just trying to draw them
using the GUI but no joy.

Thanks muchley ;)

Alan Horkan

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