Re: problem with colours when creating shapes

I had to put

stroke-width: 0;

as well as set the stroke colour to the same as the fill colour in the
attributes of the filled shape to get rid of the line.

e.g. <svg:path d="M195.81 -1552.72l2.23 3.54l15.71 -10.09l-2.23
-3.59l-15.71 10.14z" style="fill: #ffffff; stroke-width: 0; stroke:

As for dashes, are you using stroke-pattern:/stroke-dashlength: or
stroke-dasharray:/stroke-dashoffset:? If I remember, Dia likes
stroke-pattern rather than the SVG standard stroke-dasharray.

Ian Redfern.

On Tue, 2002-10-15 at 18:22, Alan Horkan wrote:

i have been trying to creat new shapes an having some colour problems.
I am hoping i can get some clarifcation and feedback before filing this
bug report.  I am using Dia 0.90 on windows.

Create a polygon
set the fill and line colour to be the same colour (execpt black)
export to .shape

add the shape using the sheets and objects dialog*
draw using the new shape.

You should see that there is an unwanted black outline.  It looks like two
very thin black lines.

If you look at the XML of the .shape file you will see that Dia in effect
specifies a shape twice.  Once for the outline and once for the filled
shape.  (another side effect of this si that you get duplicates of all the
connections points in the .shape file)

I tried deleting the outer outline polygon from the shape file leaving
only the filled polygon.
It did not work, it only resulted in the shame shape but as if i had
specified a black outline, even though i did not.

So what i think is happening is that the outline is getting drawn anyway,
only in the first case there is another coloured line on top of it so only
part of it is visible in the second case the unwanted outline is clearly
(i would provid a screenshot, but i managed to forgot the necessary cables
for my laptop and have spent the last 20 minutes destroying the floppy
drive, when the damned disk window got jammed.  stress, aargh! "dont
make me angry, you wont like me when i am angry". I'll attach a screen
shot to a bug report later if necessary).

I need to be able to have shapes that are a filled with a single solid
colour.  (I am drawing 3D directional map shapes).

And i cant get dashed/dottet lines to work in Dia 0.90 for windows (tried
on two win98 machines) and i get the feeling this problem might have been
mentioned before so i will check bugzilla.

Alan Horkan

* some problems with the sheets and objects dialog, which i intend to file
bugs for.
If you add a shape to the current sheet (and exit the sheets and objects
dialog) it will not appear until you change sheet and change back again.
An extra call to redraw/refresh is needed somewhere.

Also if you close the sheets and objects dialog without hitting apply you
changes will not take effect.  Probably need to describe this better, but
it has got me a few times and I find it confusng.
I need take a more thorough look at the sheets and objects dialog.

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