Re: long method signatures in uml class diagrams

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Marco Craveiro wrote:
hello dia hackers,

many thanks for a very useful program. i have a problem that must be
common to all dia uml users but for the life of me i cannot find any
entries on your mailing list archive or faq. basically i am using dia to
document a fairly large and complex c++ project and a lot of the methods
have really long signatures. what i want to know is: is it possible to
insert line breaks on the rendering of the diagram?  the classes are so
large that the diagram is unreadable...

It isn't, really.  The only way would be to hack objects/UML/class.c to
insert, say, linebreaks after arguments if the line becomes too long.

On the other hand, long signatures are a sign of an overly complex system.
Not that you may be able to do anything about that.


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