Re: Fonts in german not found

On Tuesday, 8 October '02, Hans Fuchs wrote:

My default LANG env is de_DE. When I start dia and put a UML Class on a 
sheet I get the message that helvetica-fett isn't found.

I have helvetica-bold on my system, so I would have the font, since fett 
is bold.

I looked for some help in the xfont programs, but I didn't find anything.
What can I do? Where do I start to solve this problem?

I don't even know if german systems normally have german fontnames.

That's because the german translator erreneously translated the font name
(helvetica-bold).  The font system doesn't know how to translate 'fett' to

If you can recompile Dia, the easiest is to go into po/ge.po and undo the


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