Re: Dia for Solaris 8 using CDE

Le Wed, Oct 09, 2002, à 07:49:46AM -0400, Fred Simmler a écrit:
Is it possible to install Dia on my system if I am running Solaris 8 and
CDE?  I don't have gnome (unfortunatly) because this is a corporate

There is no major problem, provided you have the required libraries (GTK, libXML,
etc.), as opposed to having the whole desktop environment (by "no major
problem", I just mean that it's intended to work, it has worked, but it is
possible that you encounter a micro-issue or two with the compiler switches
or slight #include variations -- we don't have Solaris hardware to test

If you don't have root, don't have the libraries, but have the compiler and
space, you can compile the dependencies and install them with
--prefix=/path/to/somewhere/you/have/control/and/space .

        -- Cyrille


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