Re: Don't cvs update now, if ...

At 18:50 07.10.02 +0200, Steffen Macke wrote:
Trying to compile, I get a lot
of "redefinition of  ..." errors.

Sorry for the incovenience. The M$ compiler docs claim
this construct to be correct (there is no warning at all
for the redefinition and at least for C++ this is standard
conform :)
See :

Should the lines like

typedef struct _DiaRenderer DiaRenderer; 

be replaced by matching #include statements?

this would give the 'circular header dependencies', e.g. object.h
needs to include diarenderer.h and vice versa, which I tried to 
avoid. IMO the best solution would be a dia-types.h file only
to define the common typedef's something like

#ifndef DIA_TYPES_H
#define DIA_TYPES_H
typedef struct _Layer Layer;
typedef struct _DiagramData DiagramData;
typedef struct _DiaRenderer DiaRenderer;

This would allow to pass partly known 'class' pointers without
exposing any details of the concrete class definitions.

What do others think about this ?

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