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Is there a path for transitioning Rose models to dia/UML?

IMO this is impossible. The petal file is closed-secret-proprietary
even if it could be reserve engineered the format is subject to
without notice.


Rational Rose is probably the most widely used tool for software
engineering processes, although it has some deficiencies (which we will
not discuss here). In this project we tried to tackle one of them
related to the ``roundtrip engineering'' process. One can import source
files into Rose and create class diagrams from them. Vice versa one can
create classes (and IDL specifications or whatever you need) from class
(and other) diagrams. Yet these creation processes can not be
influenced by the user in a convenient, flexible and extensible way.
Another problem is that these models are proprietary and some people
would like to have the possibility to write a converter for these
models into a different format used by another tool, XMI, for example. 

James Michael DuPont

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