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--- Andrew Marlow <apm35 student open ac uk> wrote:
dia-list gnome org writes:

Is there a path for transitioning Rose models to dia/UML?

IMO this is impossible. The petal file is closed-secret-proprietary
even if it could be reserve engineered the format is subject to
without notice.

Fine. You are right, I have answered a differnt question.
Why Petal, why not XMI?

I would much rather that there was a suitable open
standard then RatRose and Dia could both conform to it. Unfortunately
don't think that XMI is quite good enough yet. 

I don't know, personally I think XMI is *BAD*, but it would be good
enought for exchanging with ArgoUML.

Other standards are
currently being worked on. 
Which ones? pray tell?

In the meantime XML seems the best way to
go to
me, since it would then be possible to write XSLT translators when a
standard is finally agreed on.

Well, XMI is a good example of a very hard to use XML format.


James Michael DuPont

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