Re: dia 0.90.RC3

(because of the spaces in the filenames?). By clicking
"ignore", the installation completes normally.

I fear that there's more mischief going on.

Could somebody with Win9* to install 0.90.RC3 on a 
"dia-free" system and make sure that the start menu entries show
up if they're only selected for all users (not the current user). Don't forget
to check the start menu prior to the test installation.
Also it would be great if someone with Win9* and NSIS experience could
test the relevant NSIS snippet with  non-space-containing url files:

Section "Start menu end desktop icons for all users"
  SectionIn 1
"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders" "Common 
  SetOutPath "$1\dia"
  File "dia Win32 Installer Homepage.url"

I don't have a 9* box around, otherwise I would test it on my own...


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