Re: 0.92 rc2 fails to run 'in place' for initial tests

At 20:44 24.05.02 -0700, Hugh Daniel wrote:
 Since there are no command line options to let me tell the problem
where it's libraries are I have to presume that the program is broken
or just untestable.  Either way the result is the same in that I will
not install or use it.

You don't really want to pass in about 22 sub directories, do you ?

 If I were an MS-GNU user running this from a menu system I would be
very much screwed and with out a clue what was wrong.

Most of the MS-GNU user - what ever that means - aren't as smart 
as you think you are. They _do_ install a program and than get a
menu item to start it. Or they read some instructions and even
than almost get a working Dia installation.
You are doing something half baken and expect it to work.
Aren't there enough references yet to:
./configure; make; make install ?

BTW: what about looking into the file INSTALL (just another
thing from your holy GNU Coding Standards) which says:

        TRYING IT OUT:

        You can try out dia in the compilation directory by running

 Please go make your software a bit more robust before the next

Please change your attitude if you like to get a more polite answer.

 I look forward to seeing whats new with dia and your last years
worth of work!  Thanks!

** WARNING **: object_get_type(SDL - Block) returned NULL

** WARNING **: object_get_type(SDL - Service) returne
I guess the last message on the terminal was:

"Couldn't find standard objects when looking for object-libs, exiting..."

It probably could be more explicit, but most people used to
Dia not even need all the other debug spew to diagnose your
problem ...

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Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to 
get along without it.                -- Dilbert

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