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I have found an unusual bug that seems to be related to your menu bar.  When
the menu bar is first enabled in the preferences dialog, ^D for delete stops
working.  Once you exit and restart Dia, ^D works properly.  When I first
tried the menu bar, I was so frustrated by this, that I disabled it.  So I
never discovered that it eventually went away until recently, by accident.
Most people probably didn't give up so easily, which would explain why more
of them didn't complain (I reported it to the mailing list when I discovered
it; I can't rememver if I put it in Bugzilla).  This bug may seem innocuous,
because it goes away.  But, like me, users may be frustrated by it.  And it
is, after all, a bug.

I also have not found how to access the menu from the keyboard.  I've tried
alt+key, Esc, and F10.  Could accelerator keys be added for this?
Preferably alt+key like most applications.  If not, the underlined letters
in the menu items should be removed.

I'm glad you added the menu bar, since I find it more natural and efficient
(when keyboard access works) than the right-click menu (which should
activate a context menu).  But it still needs a little bit of polish.

Rob Campbell
rob campbell att net

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According to Cyrille Chepelov <cyrille chepelov org>:
The tree view is intersting, but i was also
hoping/expecting to see the
new Preferences dialog and Hubert Figueres toolbar enhancement.

I'm not very up to date on this. Have these patches been
committed ?

They have been shortly after 0.88.1 release. And I have fixed a couple
of bug the, that has been committed too.

people waiting for me to commit them ? (I need to be made
more aware of
them, then). Hubert's toolbar enhancement may be the button with the
right-pointing triangle, located in left upper corner,
between the rulers.
You need to enable a setting in the prefs dialog to see it, IIRC.

No. My enhancement is the menu bar. But this is NOT the default; you
need to activate in in the preferences. By default you have that
triangle in the top-left corner like in gimp.
Note: if you get the menu bar, then right-click show the contextual
menu (middle-click by default).

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