RE: RE: Freetype problems under RH7.3

Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Le Tue, May 21, 2002, à 11:32:23AM +0930, Young, Robert a écrit:

If it exists, we can use it.  In fact, we can include 
hard-coded common
font paths as well.  The more the merrier.

Should I put this in diarc? I don't think it belongs in the 
dialog, and if we include enough defaults for most of the 
known world, the
FAQ can point them to playing with diarc? Mind you, this 
question is posed
before I look at the code...

Hmmm... Since the reason for this setting would be the lack 
of a working
font path with the system (almost a bug in the OS' 
XF86Config, IMO), thus 
the lack of a bunch of fonts (a detectable condition), we 
could even pop a 
message up (ONCE !) pointing the user to the manual/to the 
FAQ on how to 
tweak this diarc setting. This would help us be very comfortable with 
ignoring PEBKAC/googlelessness/lack of FAQ-reading 
skills-type of questions 
on that topic.

It isn't that XF86Config is wrong (IMO) because XF86Config isn't using these
fonts - it has XFS to do that for it. Hence it removes any fonts from the X
font path which don't contain fonts which it knows about. Of course, this
could be the wrong thing to do...

I've attached a patch against 0.90RC1 which looks in xfs's config file for
more font paths. Now I have lots more fonts!!

I haven't done any diarc interfacing - any ideas??

Please feel free to ask for improvements before applying the patch :-)


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