Dia segfaults with diagram tree

I've just compiled and installed Dia 0.90 RC1 on my Debian 3.0
machine. The diagram tree window normally works fine but I have
a particular diagram, which I created in Dia 0.89 on Windows.
Whenever the diagram tree window is open and then I open this
diagram, or the diagram is open and then I open the diagram
tree window, Dia segfaults. I haven't modified the diagram at
all manually, so I suspect this is a bug. Even if I had, dia
still shouldn't be segfaulting I assume. I haven't been able to
recreate the problem starting diagrams from scratch with 0.90.

I haven't included a copy of the diagram since I suspect the
mailing list will strip off attachments, but can send it on to
the developers if they wish to recreate the problem.


Andrew Ferrier

email: andrew junk new-destiny co uk
web: http://www.new-destiny.co.uk/andrew/

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