Some exporting possibilities

Hi diayers,

        I thought yesterday that DIA needed a better (generic yet customizable) exporting code for the 
objects that one designs and fill with info. It came to my mind that DIA was based on an xml format which has 
a language for transformation (aka export): XSLT. So i tried tomorrow to make a stylesheet that exports UML 
to C++ code and found that it's really cool and not as time consuming (about 1 hour, but I'm experienced with 
XSL) as hacking dia2code. 
        For the transformation process, you'll need an external XSL processor. I use xsltproc (a command line 
transformer based on the C XSLT library for GNOME) and it's quite powerful. I attached my first stylesheet, 
so you just need to run :
xsltproc dia-uml2c++.xsl diagram.dia

and you'll see your classes definitions appear.

        I think I'm gonna make a package for the different languages if someone find it useful.

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