Re: TODO item: proportional scaling

On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 07:41:45AM +0200, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Sounds like a good idea; however, this patch can't be applied "as is": there 
has been a lot of StdProp-related changes in CVS, which impact the definition 
of Element (you'll need to add this aspectRatio field to the stdprop
description of an Element). Also, it must be clear that this approach break
binary compatibility -- I don't care at all, at least until we hit 1.0, but
some might. 

Well, I guess I'll have to download the CVS code, then.

!   if (modifiers == MODIFIER_SHIFT) {
!     element_move_handle_aspect(&box->element, handle->id, to, (real) box->element.aspectRatio);
!   } else {
!     element_move_handle(&box->element, handle->id, to, reason);
!   }

Perhaps a better idea here would be to add a parameter to
element_move_handle (and fix all invocations), passing the modifiers.
element_move_handle() will be able to access aspectRatio on its own (hmmm --
better call it aspect_ratio for consistency with the rest of the code,
thanks), and factorise out the test on the modifiers' state into the common
element code.

I had this thought as well.  Also, why are there two element_move_handle
functions.  Wouldn't it make more sense to handle every possible option in
one function?  element_move_handle and element_move_handle_aspect have a LOT of
code in common.  It would be easy enough to make this one function with an
optional aspect ratio adjustment.

*************** box_create(Point *startpoint,
*** 511,516 ****
--- 515,521 ----
    elem->corner = *startpoint;
    elem->width = DEFAULT_WIDTH;
    elem->height = DEFAULT_WIDTH;
+   elem->aspectRatio = elem->width / elem->height;

May be better to init this value in element_init(), and not paying attention
to it if it is zero, and recompute it in element_update_data() ? This way,
save the extra parameter, there is no change to individual objects, only to
the common code.

Okay, I'll take a look at that.
Titus Anderson

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