Re: TODO item: proportional scaling

On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 03:52:36PM -0500, Lars Clausen wrote:
Thank you!  We may hold off on applying it until the shortly upcoming new
release, as we're trying to stabilize Dia.

That's fine.  I don't expect this code to be used, anyhow.  It's very ugly.

Putting the aspect ratio calculation into foo_update_data is probably the
safest way.

I agree.  This was a quick hack to see if it would work.

Here's a slightly alternative approach: Only keep the aspect ratio around
while resizing with ratio fixed.  Initialize the aspect ratio to -1, then
if we move with Shift, calculate the aspect ratio.  When changing the
coordinates, use the aspect ratio if != -1.  When moving stops, reset the
ratio to -1.  That should make sure that the aspect ratio is current
without needing changes all over.

That sounds okay, except I don't think it's what most people expect from an 
application.  Most programs, IIRC, that do aspect scaling check the status of 
the shift key constantly and update the scaling based on the ORIGINAL aspect 
ratio.  What this means is that when someone clicks on a handle, the program 
would have to calculate the aspect ratio and store it away somewhere.  Then, 
while scaling, if the user hits the shift key, dia would need to switch to 
aspect scaling using the stored ratio.  If they release the shift key, go back 
to normal sizing.

Titus Anderson

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