Re: Dia graphics fuzzy when embedded and converted to pdf

Le Wed, May 01, 2002, à 06:40:45PM +0200, Daryl Manning a écrit:

When I use dia exported png or jpg diagrams and embed them in either
OpenOffice or KWord and then save them out to a ps or pdf the diagrams
appear quite "fuzzy" and there is a reddish haze around black lettering
on the white backgrounds.

It only happens with dia (for instance, other embedded pngs and jpgs
seem ok). I was wondering if it was one of the settings that I have or
something else I haven't thought of.

Doc, it hurts my right eye when I drink my coffee with the spoon in the cup.

Don't use JPEG at all for diagrams. Use a vector format. And only if you
can't use a vector format, then fall back on a high-resolution PNG. In any
case when discussing the output quality of PS or PDF, print the document
first. If it looks good on printer but not on screen, blame the PDF
rendering software. (you won't avoid all on-screen scaling artifacts as 
long as you embed bitmaps anyway).

        -- Cyrille


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