Re: Another XSLT Plugin / Makefile problem?

On 2002-06-27 at 13:16 +0200, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

I noticed mat's comment on automake1.5; also, I noticed that
sid includes automake1.5 and automake 1.6.

Ah, tried a simple

apt-get -t unstable install automake

and it stuck at 1.4. More careful checking tells me the package
is called automake1.5, and automake1.6. If this is the
situation in unstable, this implies to me that the Debian
maintainer thinks 1.4 is still useful for some reason at least!

(1.5 brings "make uninstall" over 1.4 among other things).

I would say that is incredibly useful. Just a personal opinion,
but when installing from source I find that very handy. Makes
source almost as useful as .rpms, .debs, etc. assuming the
'make uninstall' works well.


Andrew Ferrier

email: andrew junk new-destiny co uk

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