Answer [Re: cannot change shape fill color]

in the properties dialog for the shape created you can turn fill on or
off, you can change the line color but if you try and change the fill the
dialog will let you but the color change wont actually work.

I've just changed successfully the fill colour of the MSE "Node Center" shape.
I encountered no problems.

I can do that too.  So the problem must be in the shape export.

Thanks i will take a look at it and try and figure out what modifications
i need to make to my shapes to allow their fill color to be changed.

When i figure it out i will add an Request for Enhancement in bugzilla
against the Shape Export.

For the record the answer to my problem:

The shape export was settting the color to white
style="fill: #ffffff"
instead of
style="fill: default"

if someone tells me where the the shape exporter lives, i would like to
try and submit a patch for this.  (Failing that i will submit a bug


Alan Horkan

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