Re: About box (bug #85726) (was Re: Help out with Dia (was Re: Minor dia build error?))

On 2002-06-24 at 14:57 +0200, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

cvs -z3 diff -N 2>/tmp/diff.log |gzip >/tmp/some.patch.gz

Is there any opposition to using unified diffs (add -u after -N above)?
IMHO they are far more readable than the default diff format.

Why, there are other patch formats than unidiff ?

Actually, it's the definitely preferred way. I forgot to add the -u in the
mail in February. Oh, I guess I ought to put that mail (after corrections)
on the web site. Will do that together with the explanation of the DCD.

So, to correct what I said back in February:

      cvs -z3 diff -uN 2>/tmp/diff.log |gzip >/tmp/some.patch.gz

OK. Have now screwed up something on my machine so won't
re-submit this as unidiff unless my patch doesn't work when you
use it this evening, but will try to remember to do that in

Andrew Ferrier

email: andrew junk new-destiny co uk

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