Re: Help out with Dia (was Re: Minor dia build error?)

On Sun, 23 Jun 2002, Alan Horkan wrote:

And I thought of an import/export filter that should be fairly easy to
make: Kivio files.  It will take some XML knowledge, but that is fairly

I used the query
and checked the whole list thoroughly.
but i dont seem to be able to find a bugzilla report for Kivio import
export support, so I filed this bug report

There does not seem to be much documentation of the file format but the
XML is fairly readable and the source code (at least for the older
versions is GPL).

XFig2sml <URL:> will make Kivio
stencils from XFig sources.  Maybe it will help.  Can't find much else
(it's not even listed with the other KOffice formats!)

I cut and pasted the query lars provided and it strangely only shows me
New bugs even though i can see it should show me New and Unconfirmed
(maybe my bugzilla profile has some state informaton from a previous
query ro something) but i recommend you also look at NEEDINFO bugs, if
you are searching for things to do.

These were all enhancement requests, which are rarely marked Unconfirmed.


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