Re: XML file format - Linux vs Windows

Le Mon, Jun 17, 2002, à 11:03:15AM -0300, Ian Britten a écrit:
Hi all,
Should I expect the (uncompressed) XML file from Dia to be the same on
Linux versus Windows?  (It doesn't seem to be... :-(

The *nix version currently uses libxml1, the Win32 version uses libxml2
(both should be using libxml2 shortly).

You may encounter formatting differences between the libxml's, but the
actual tree should be identical. Of course, I understand this doesn't play
very well with CVS...
Is this perhaps just something different between the builds that could be
configured, or is it a more fundamental problem?

If your *nix developers don't need the GNOME port, you may try compiling
with libxml2 and --disable-gnome (you can't have both at the same time with
GNOME 1.4). Or just be patient (or even better, give us a hand !) until we
make the initial gtk2/GNOME2 release.

        -- Cyrille


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