Is anybody else working on diagram_tree*.[ch]? Re: Dia goes Gtk2, anyone else with it ?

I just want to avoid duplicate work.

On Sat, 2002-06-08 at 08:31, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
There are some widgets in Gtk1.2 which were considered so broken,
that a complete re-write appeared to be appropriate in Gtk2. 
They are GtkText (replacement GtkTextBuffer/GtkTextView) and GtkTree 
(replaced with GtkTreeView GtkTreeModel). To still use the old
widgets one needs to define GTK_ENABLE_BROKEN.
diagram_tree*.[ch] use lots of deprecated GtkCTree. I'm converting them
to GtkTreeView/GtkTreeModel and have a basically working version now: 
-- tree view with icon and label name
-- clicking to select an object in a diagram.
        Yet to do:
-- update the tree automatically when add/delete objects/diagrams
-- handle hidden object types


Fix one bug for GNOME every week, or report two:-)

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