Re: Dia goes Gtk2, anyone else with it ?

At 13:14 08.06.02 +0200, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
Le Sat, Jun 08, 2002, à 12:52:42PM +0200, Hans Breuer a écrit:
Hi all,
below you'll find some kind of 'plan' what more or less
needs to be done to make Dia a first class Gtk2 citizen.

The first step just landed in cvs. [Beware: it will _not_
build as is on Linux and other *nix cause the auto/configure 
stuff needs some love first.]

I'll take care of that this week-end, using James' work as a basis.

Nice to hear that.

My GTK2 fixmes are FIXME? or GTKBUG?

app/interface.c:123 /*static*/
app/interface.c:839 static void fill_sheet_menu
These are notes for me to remove the need of making
formerly static functions/vars static again if there is a cleaner
way to do it. (It almost always is. :)
app/render_libart.c probably broken on X11

Actually, obsolete. We'll get rid of it.
What do you mean is obsolete :-) X11, libart ? or our nice libart
renderer, which has some X11 specific tweaking which I don't
understand nor use on win32 ...

app/sheet.c:207 move message_notice out of loop
app/ps_utf8.c : not yet build on win32

What's wrong with it ?

still some #ifdefs and charconv_*.

app/render_eps.c : some further utf8 cleaning needed


tabs are evil. XIM still seems applicable, where GTK2 doesn't already take
care of it !

AFAIK the Gtk2 way to do it has changed. So all within HAVE_XIM
will currently break with Gtk2.

  - no more: libunicode, separte gdk-pixbuf, charconv.[hc], HAVE_DIRENT

charconv is still needed, at least to recover the pre 0.90 dia files (damn
Nope. It all can be done with glib2 - in fact it already is.

Has libunicode's functionality been swallowed by gtk or glib ? We
still need stuff to extract a single unichar out of an utf8 string,
iterators, etc...

All this standard glib stuff. One more reason to switch.

- make it compile without GTK_ENABLE_BROKEN

what's it ?

There are some widgets in Gtk1.2 which were considered so broken,
that a complete re-write appeared to be appropriate in Gtk2. 
They are GtkText (replacement GtkTextBuffer/GtkTextView) and GtkTree 
(replaced with GtkTreeView GtkTreeModel). To still use the old
widgets one needs to define GTK_ENABLE_BROKEN.

What's the status of the UTF8 #hell (UNICODE_WORK_IN_PROGRESS and

Almost all vanished already, beside the places noted above.
But please let us next time do such stuff on it's own
branch to keep patch size small :-)


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