wysiwig TeX in dia

Has anyone thought about adding a "wysiwig TeX" capability to Dia?

What I have in mind is what Sketch does, via a Python plug-in.  It works like
this.  The gui allows you to enter a TeX/LaTeX expression in a window.  Then the
plug-in calls dvips with appropriate options to make a small PS file.  Then
pstoedit is called to translate the postscript to Sketch input format, which
Sketch understands, and so the formatted text is displayed as a Sketch object.

I wonder if something like this could be done for Dia too, as I much prefer
Dia's user interface over Sketch's.  The whole scheme rests on transforming the
dvi into a form that the editor can read.  A simpler possibility might be to
import the EPS into Dia.  I know Dia has a Python plug-in, but I don't
understand at all its capabilities (for a user, anyway).

                                   Kostas Oikonomou

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