Re: visible area should be wider

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Dolores Alia de Saravia wrote:

On june 8. Tino Schwarze <tino schwarze informatik tu-chemnitz de> 

Hi there,
I'm currently using CVS head and noticed a little annoyance: The 
(scrollable) area of the diagram is always a bit too small for me.

That is, the diagram seems to end at the bounding box of all 
objects. It
would be more appropiate to have some free space all around - like 
the diagram size (or window size) into each direction. The reason is
simple: It is non-intuitive how to "get" more free space. One has to
move an object outside or start a selection.

Has anybody filed a bug report on this issue yet? If not, I'll do so.

May be it is not a bug.  If you open  file -  preferences -diagram 
defaults   you can choose the size of the initial window (may be you 
"have chosen"  500 x 400 pixels-without knowing it) you can get a 
bigger one if you wants)

No, I would say it's a bug.  When you scroll the diagram with objects using
the scrollbars, for instance, it goes exactly out to the edge of the
objects (sometimes not even that far, which is definitely a bug).  Having a
little extra space around would be nice, but it's a minor thing.


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