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On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 09:51:02AM -0300, Dolores Alia de Saravia wrote:

[...], the diagram seems to end at the bounding box of all
objects. It would be more appropiate to have some free space all
around - like half the diagram size (or window size) into each
direction. The reason is simple: It is non-intuitive how to "get"
more free space. One has to move an object outside or start a

Has anybody filed a bug report on this issue yet? If not, I'll do

May be it is not a bug.  If you open  file -  preferences -diagram 
defaults   you can choose the size of the initial window (may be you 
"have chosen"  500 x 400 pixels-without knowing it) you can get a 
bigger one if you wants)

I do not mean the initial window size - I'm referring to large diagrams
taking up more space than visible on screen at once. There is no obvious
way to extend the diagram - one has to draw a shape outside. IMHO this
is not intuitive and therefore a GUI bug. 

I call myself an experienced user and I stumbled across this several
times. Therefore, it should be fixed by always having some empty space
all around the diagram - reachable by using the scroll bars.

BTW: I just found out that using the cursor keys, one can get a past the
borders suggested by the scroll bars.

Bye, Tino.

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