Re: Dia 0.90 on Solaris

Le Mon, Jun 10, 2002, à 04:08:42PM +0200, Philippe LEVERONNE a écrit:

Edit the config.h file and comment the macro definition below (be carefull, there
are two such lines in the file, maybe to be sure UNICODE_WORK_IN_PROGRESS
is defined ;-)
/* Cyrille's work towards UTF-8 */

Then it will compile. Maybe Cyrille will be able to say what won't work
after that.

If you have no unicode.h file, or if you cheat and try to force, your dia
will think it will be handling UTF-8 but in fact it will have only the
capability to handle dumb 7-bit ASCII.

Please don't cheat with the build system and complain (do either to your
heart's content); the best thing is to follow the (admitted, terse) advice
from ./configure and install libunicode (download it from; be
sure to use version 0.4)

I will not fix the install files or FAQ, since version 0.91 will drop
completely the dependency on libunicode (and I would be amazed if people
could bypass the new dependency checks this'll bring, and still manage to
have a working binary...)

        -- Cyrille


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