Re: dia 0.90: printing Japanese using --enable-freetype ?

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Mike Fabian wrote:

Mike Fabian <mfabian suse de> writes:

I believe if the printing problem with '--enable-freetype' can be
solved, it is a better solution than the old printing support which I
used in dia-0.88.1 to print Japanese, because it embeds the fonts in
the PostScript output and therefore doesn't require the printer to
have the fonts. It is nice to be able to print CJK on any printer,
even without CJK fonts.

On top of that, when the freetype support is enabled, dia
automatically finds all installed TrueType and Type1 fonts in the X11
font-path, even those which are not mentioned in font_data[] at all.
This makes it very easy for the user to use other fonts with dia, one
just has to drop them in a directory in the X11 font path and that's

Therefore I believe that freetype is the way to go for dia.

Is there an easy way to make the printing work for large fonts?

I have submitted a patch for printing Simplified Chinese
characters, which works for Simplified Chinese CJK fonts,
and I believe it should also work for other CJK fonts
(Korean & Japanese, by properly modifying the font_data
structure and disabling freetype support), but it breaks
the printing of non-latin0 fonts. Please read the
discussions on the following subjects:

        About the zh_CN.GB2312 locale
        printing on the Simpl. Chinese and other non-latin1 locales
        Printing and weird (non-latin0 ;-) ) charsets -- summary



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