Re: Need help with dia

You are agressive ! He can edit this file, and find lines
that describe loading. It's a simple xml file ...

It is a simple xml file!
Guys, you are making a fine tool, but you are spoiling the
idea of the unix config files. The next step will be gui to
edit rc files?

you have not used Gnome 2 yet have you?
Gnome 2 has lots of xml config files, and yes even graphical tools to edit
them. (gconf )

Editing files manually is a nice _option_ (for developers/gurus, where the
investment in learning the details of the system is likely to pay off or
be its own reward) but for Desktop users/gamers/little-old
ladies/occasional users who just want to get things done having a
consistant easy to use graphical interface is preferable to having no
choice and being forced to learn to edit config files even for even the
tiniest one off change.

different strokes for different folks,
right tool for the right job

Alan Horkan

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