Re: Need help with dia

On Tue, 4 Jun 2002 04:12:13 +0200 "Bob Marcan" <bob marcan aster si>

He can edit this file, and find lines
that describe loading. It's a simple xml file ...

It is a simple xml file!
Guys, you are making a fine tool, but you are spoiling the 
idea of the unix config files. The next step will be gui to
edit rc files?

Maybe. :)

There's more than one answer to that question.  "unix config files" are
technically simple, but they're that makes them weak, too.  Ever make or
hear of the mistake of adding some leading whitespace to a line in
/etc/resolv.conf, for instance?

A complex config file needs a validator, cf. apache, samba.  At least an
XML file can be validated without writing a one-off tool.  Seems to me XML
is a better solution than inventing another format.  


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