Re: Relationnal DB Diagrams

Le Mon, Jun 03, 2002, à 07:44:10PM +0200, Micka 6 ) (18.1K 18. 1KB ) a écrit:

      I'm using dia for UML analysis, and although some
missing features, I'm charmed.

Thanks for the feedback !

      So, I wanna a plug-in how describe Relationnal DataBase.
Additionnaly, using dia2code to create SQL requests, in goal to create

You may want to check out Matthieu Sozeau's XLST efforts; he's basically
reimplemented dia2code with the use of XML transformation tools and
stylesheets (posts about one month old).

      I'm newbie in developpement (1 year), and I don't know if I can
help you in this work, but I hope it.

Welcome on board !

        -- Cyrille


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